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Monday, October 26, 2009

Just passing

Was just passing (metaphorically speaking) and thought I'd pop by.

I'm still on track. I've had a few blips this year, but LP does the trick. I was gutted when I realised that I still had to use LP, but it's better than the alternative. I've realised that I now have - or maybe always did have and ignored - an early warning system with regards to stress. Some particular things do trigger quite an strong stress response, mostly to do with relationships with friends and family and I do have to work at getting the stress button to switch off, even when the stressful situation has passed.

I had a situation with members of my family this year, that I won't go into, but I did experience bad sleep, tense muscles and other "stress" responses. My husband, who has never had ME, gets the same thing when he is stressed - to put it in perspective.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that I'm still recovered from ME and I have the capacity to do an amazing amount both physically and mentally, but I have to watch my stress levels. If I get too stressed, I experience stress responses that don't necessarily automatically switch off, so I need to use LP to do that.

I think I kind of thought that once recovered that would be it, but RT and LP are about a lifestyle change. It's sometimes easy to slip into old habits. So I have to keep my eye on the ball.

A friend of mine who had ME and recovered is now working in Morrocco teaching English. She did RT and LP. Another person that I met through this blog is well now and expecting a baby, she did LP too. Keep the faith people....keep the faith!

Thanks again to all those lovely messages, it's great to hear that my ramblings actually give something positive to people.

Adam and Abigail, sorry for the very long delay in response, but I rarely log on these days.

I learned LP from a woman called Gill in Bath. If you google her company you will see a bit more about her.

Joe, for me I don't think it would have been posible to teach LP to myself in such a meaningful way. It has so many subtleties that you only get by experiencing the training. I think you could do a lot with NLP, but for me, I needed help.

Anyway, good luck to those of you still on the path to recovery, I wish you all the best in getting there.

aka Little Miss Reverse