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Thursday, December 28, 2006


Just got back from 2 weeks in India. Had a fantastic time. Coped fine with the long flights, the heat and felt like a normal human being again. Think I really needed a holiday to break the downward spiral I was in.

After the holiday, living with my BF feels really normal now and the stress I was experiencing around that seems to have vanished. I'm feeling very stable and happy in my home now and my cats are well happy too.

I'm feeling pretty chilled again and ready to start the new year in my new job(well... old job, increased hours). I'm looking forward to doing my Lighning Process Training on the 9th January. Hopefully after that, will no longer be thinking like an ill person in a well persons body and can just get on with being a well person.

I'm thinking that if I get what I'm expecting out of LP, I will end this blog and stop using the forums that have been a great support to me whilst I have been ill. I know that I will experience more blips along the way, but as long as LP gives me better tools for dealing with stress, I think I will consider myself completely recovered.

I know I'm jumping the gun a bit, but hell, I was the same about RT and that worked for me too. Can't see any reason why this isn't my last hurdle before I reach the finish line.

I'll obviously post on here my experiences of LP, but hope to be off just living my life, free from this post-ME anxiety and fear VERY soon.


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