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Friday, November 10, 2006

all moved now

Have finally finished moving house and all the associated nuisance that goes with it. It took about 6 weeks start to finish and I ended up having a bit of a flare up last week. I think it was when the adrenaline had worn off from moving and I just kind of ran out of beans and felt really exhausted and fatigued for 3 days. Considering the amount of stress I had to cope with and the mental and physical exhaustion I'm pretty pleased with how I coped, although it's never nice to have old symptoms recurring.

I packed all my belongings, I did my fair share of lifting and carrying on the day of the move, then I cleaned my old house from top to bottom and had a bit of help with painting a wall and mowing the lawn, so basically I was able to cope with all the physical side of moving. I mostly coped with the stress apart from towards the end when I did have a bit of fatigue one day but got rid of it by binning my list of "to do's" and going for a walk in the woods with a friend instead. The fatigue did kick back in a few days later after a tiring week at work and me getting annoyed with a friend. In retrospect I should have took the day off work as I was really exhausted and that probably would have avoided the fatigue.

I did actually take a week off work after the move so that I would be able to take it a bit easy, but I did my back in and wasn't able to do anything physical for nearly 2 weeks. So my attempt to quell the stress of having to get things done to a deadline didn't quite work out.

Things have calmed down again now and I can start enjoying being in my new home with my lovely man.

Some good news too, I'm going to India for 2 weeks on the 10th Dec and I'm very excited about it. I'm not anxious about it as I have been before and I'm sure I can cope with the long flight now, so nothing to worry about so far. Mind you I'm having my jabs on 29th Nov and I hate needles, so that should be fun! I'm expecting to feel very ill after them so I've made sure I have the next day off work.

It's all pretty exciting at the moment, I get back on christmas eve just in time for a party or 2 then on the 9th Jan I've got Lightning Process training, so next year should be a very different year for me. I'm so looking forward to it and looking forward to things becoming much easier for me. I have another friend who is off to do LP next week and she is practically wetting herself in excitement and I'm almost as excited to hear how it goes for her.

Reading this makes it sound like I'm buzzing around doing loads and I suppose I have been during the move, but it really doesn't suit me and I'm aiming for a very chilled existence now. I've got 5 days off work over this weekend and plan to spend most of it lounging around and having lie-ins and getting told off by my friends for still being in bed at 11.30am. Ahh bliss!


At 11:40 am, Blogger Traffic said...

Hi Littlemiss,

I have been reading your blog since you started writing all that time ago!

I too suffered from CFS/ME and it was only after reading your initial posts that I decided to take the plunge and book myself an appointment. I haven't looked back since.

A year ago I was pretty much house bound, existing rather than living. 15 MRT sessions (and a few EFT sessions too) later and I consider myself 95% recovered. I am back at work, sometimes working upto 10 hours a day as well as studying for a course on the weekends!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your time and effort in writing your blog. It gave me the courage to start getting my life back together and I feel indebted to people like you, who perhaps without knowing, have played a key part in my recovery.

I wish you all the best and still check your blog to see how you're progressing. I really hope and pray that you make a complete recovery.

Thank you so much. May your life continue to be a special one.

God bless you

At 2:07 pm, Blogger Little Miss Bristol said...

Hi Traffic

Thankyou SO much for your lovely message, I've gone all warm and fuzzy. Didn't realise that my blog was having such an impact, wow!

What fantastic news that you have recovered so much too. I'm really happy for you.

Big hugs

Miss B


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