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Friday, September 29, 2006


Now I have a cold. It's only a mild one, but it seems to be doing the rounds at work, so I suppose this is what being almost recovered brings.

My anxiety has subsided now and I'm looking forward to next Saturday when I will finally be moving in with my BF. I'm living in amongst piles of boxes and chaos at the moment, but it feels good to be doing it.

My BF pointed out that my big anxiety thing coincided with my period (again!). Three days in and the adrenaline decended and I started freaking out about the 'big move'. I haven't had that happen for 9 months (since I had a big bust up with a friend). I had completely fogotten about that kind of thing happening, but it does appear that when I have a big headmind/bodymind battle going on, it attaches itself to my period and then it kind of explodes on day 3. Great fun! At least I understand why it was such a strong reaction, even if I don't quite know how to handle it at the time.

A few of my friends suggested I contact my old therapist for some advice, which I did. The advice was that I was getting stuck up in my headmind and needed to get into my body. That is good advice for day to day stuff and generally is what I do and do very well. I didn't receive any guidance about how to stop my head going bonkers, which helped me make up my mind about whether to try Lightning Process.

I also had a phonecall from a friend who had recently tried LP and found it really helpful for a chattering headmind. My friend had problems with anxiety which were really impacting on life, so to hear that it was helpful gave me confidence to go for it myself.

I've applied to do the training course in January and I reckon that it will compliment what I have already gained from RT and help me get my worrying head under control.

It's pretty expensive (£500), but to be honest, I'm pretty sure from what I've heard that it is exactly what I need now. I know a lot of people would say to me. 'what if it doesn't work!'. I'm not thinking like that at all, I'm just thinking that I'm probably going to be fully recovered early next year. Because RT has worked for me, I think this will too as they seem to be in the same ball park in terms of theories.

RT has helped me to be really in touch with what I want and what I don't. It has helped me to be more assertive, confident and has got rid of my illness. I think LP will help me learn more healthy ways of dealing with stress and techniques for stopping the cycle of negative thoughts leading to anxiety and tension.

That should do it I reckon.


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