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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I had an interview for a summer job today. Yesterday, I started to get a bit anxious and my headmind was convincing me that going for this job was a bad idea. I recognised that it was coming from the head, not the gut so I decided to put it aside until after I had the interview.

I have had some symptoms of anxiety today, but when you've had an illness that has so much anxiety attached to it, it's hard to tell what is plain anxiety and what is a symptom of the illness. I've had a bit of tension and the bit behind my ears hurt a bit. I know I always used to get this as part of my M.E. but is it just anxiety or a return of symptoms? Can't decide, but I'm going to be a glass half-full person and say that I'm still completely symptom free.

The interview went well, it's my first in almost 5 years. I will be an official member of staff, not a temp like I am at the moment, if I get it. A couple of months ago I didn't think I'd be up for that until at least January. It's also for about 12 hours a week, double what I'm doing at the minute, but I know I can cope with it now.

I'm wondering...if I get the job...will it set off some chemical memories? I think it is possible with this tension that I have at the moment. I'll have to wait and see what happens. But until then...I'm 7 weeks clear!


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