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Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Blues

Well as predicted, my CM's interfered with my sleep and I woke at 5am then drifted in and out of sleep until about 10am. I felt dreadful this morning, really hungover and fatiguey, big puffy eyes and brain fog.

I knew it was just the old chemical memories and that the only thing to do was to go to work, so I went in. Once I was there I felt fine. It just lifted.

I did chat to the agency this morning as they have offered me the job until July and we talked about reducing the number of days, so I think that reassured BM too.

Anyway, work is cool, it's mentally challenging but I enjoy it and the staff are really lovely.

I still think that I might have some more CM stuff arising until I am towards the end of the week. If it all goes pear shaped, I can always jack it in anyway, the agency are really good about that and I don't feel pressured into anything. So fingers crossed...


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