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Saturday, June 10, 2006


I started my intensive Spanish course last week at evening class. It's 2 nights per week for 2 hours and one of those is on a day when I work.

Blimey, talk about brain ache! It's really difficult getting the old grey matter working like this. My photography course was very different because you could learn it drip by drip and it was mostly very practical. This is purely brain, brain, brain and it hurts! I'm thoroughly enjoying it though.

Something interesting is occuring out of all this... Usually when I do lots of mental activity, I need to balance it up with some physical activity or else I get tension building. I haven't been swimming much lately, or walking and I've missed my dance class for the last 3 weeks, but I haven't had a build up of tension at all.

I've got to the point of feeling completely tired out (not fatigued though) and then slept like a log and felt fine the next day. The tiredness hasn't felt so deep lately, it feels slightly different, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

My boyfriend has gone to Spain for 3 weeks and I'm pining for him a bit. I'm aware that I don't want to just fill up my time to avoid the whole 'missing him' bit as that will just bury the emotions for them to pop up later. So I've felt a bit sad and just thought, 'that's ok'.

I just reckon that everytime a chemical memory from the past arises and you deal with it, your body takes another step up. That has to be it, nothing else has changed in the last few weeks.

So, I've worked 6 hours this week, with my challenging little friend and I've also done 4 hours of study in the classroom and another 1 outside. I went swimming in a lake yesterday, I'm just off out for a walk and then I'm over to a friend's for a bbq tonight.

Estoy estupendo!


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