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Friday, June 02, 2006

Sometimes I feel SO close to full recovery

On days when I'm doing things that are not work related, I feel so very close to being fully recovered and by that I mean completely back to normal.

Yesterday I went to the Bath and West Show. I drove there in my car, which took about an hour and 15 mins as I got a bit lost. I spent 7 hours at the show walking around and shot about 150 photographs of sheep (on a bit of a sheep thing at the minute!). Photography is quite tiring as I get intensely focused on what I'm doing and I did about 3 hours of that. I walked miles and even stopped at the 'village green' for a beer.

When the show closed, I had my tea in a field, sunbathed for a bit and then drove home which took me an hour.

I was out for 9 hours and today my feet are sore, my legs ache very slightly and I feel a little bit tired, but I reckon anybody would feel the same after a day like I had yesterday.

I've got another photography shoot today, but then I'm going to chill out in the garden with a book.

On days like these, I feel so well I consider myself to be pretty much recovered. Shame I have days where my stamina is still so low, but it will come.


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