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Friday, March 31, 2006

The biggest bruise!

Not much to report in terms of M.E. or big changes in how I'm doing with RT. I've been incredibly busy over the last week or so and just returned from a holiday at Croyde Bay. Did lots of walking, coped with a 2 year old and had lots of fun, went swimming and bashed my arm on the side of the pool in excitement as decided to go on the water slide. I've got the biggest bruise I've had in years on my arm! Coped with the adrenaline rush from the slide (hell of a BIG slide!), no after effects.

I'm feeling a little bit tired from all the things I got up to, but only experienced symptoms on the way back in the car and I know that is anxiety - "how will I cope with a 2 hour car journey???" I coped fine!

I'm off to Plymouth for the day tomorrow to see a friend I haven't seen for almost 5 years due to both of us having M.E. I'm really looking forward to it.


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