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Friday, March 17, 2006

Aches and oddness

After I went swimming on Tuesday, I felt a bit tired but OK. I hadn't been able to swim as much as I usually can and I realised that my body wanted to stop. The next day I woke up with a stonking headache and my body ached all down my sides and around the lumbar area of my back. I took some ibuprofen and had a chilled day.

By the mid afternoon I was OK, still a bit tired, but strangely enough it wasn't fatigue. I didn't feel it in my head, it was all in my body. This is something new for me. Something else which is quite odd, is that this particular type of ache - dull general achey feeling, like sore kidneys, with no specific point of pain and can get quite intense - is one that I haven't had for about 4 years.

This ache is something that I had when I was getting ill, after physical exertion, but I haven't had it since then. I've still been able to go to work with no problem so something has shifted. At work I did a bit of basket ball hoops with one of the kids and it came back on again - so it's something that is to do with physical activity but doesn't give me mental fatigue or brain fog, like physical activity used to. It's all very interesting.

So, I think I overdid it physically over the last week, but it's not a problem. It has given me some symptoms to work on, but I haven't crashed and I'm sleeping well, so there's no major damage. I'm just going to take it easy on the physical for a while.

I think this is where RT comes into it's own. I know that if I had done this prior to RT (and I did do so on many occasions!), I would have had a big crash with a return of all my old symptoms and it would have taken me weeks or months to get over it. I would have felt a great deal of anxiety about increasing my activity again and my life would have been very limited again for a time.


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