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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Still feeling good

Since my last post, I have been swimming, went out to see a band on Saturday night, done some college work, went over to friends for an afternoon, been for a walk in the park, been to college and been out to an open mic night at a pub last night. I'm a bit tired, but I think that is because I'm doing more and more, sometimes 2 or 3 different things in a day. I haven't had to use my symptom message for several days now and haven't had any fatigue.

My life is feeling like something that resembles normal apart from the fact that I'm not working. I think I'll be starting to think about work in the new year. At the moment I'm kind of preparing myself mentally for that change and waiting to make sure that I am now more stable.

The RT forum to which I belong is proving to be an invaluable tool in helping me understand the RT process. Hearing other peoples stories and seeing it from the outside helps me understand my own issues and how to resolve them. One thing I didn't understand until recently is just how important it is to be emotionally honest with yourself. For me, a lot of this journey is about learning how to stand up for myself, to ask for what I want, to say NO to what I don't want and to allow myself to express ALL my thoughts and feelings. It's not about screaming and shouting at others but allowing myself to say 'I didn't like it when you did that', 'I'm feeling envious about...' or 'I'm concerned about how you feel about...'. It's a real learning curve for me and a great lesson in assertiveness. I just hope I can apply all this in world of work, which is where I'll be heading next.

That's all I can say this week, still feeling good, still happy and still on an upward trajectory. Not that far to go now.


At 3:05 pm, Blogger Anna Brandt said...


I live in Denmark (so you have to excause my english) I am going through the same journey as you - though I have to take the plane to London to get help (did that twice and now try to do it on my own..).
"listen to your body" is important and then also "take action".
The last couple of days I have been thinking that CFS really forbid you to have "a dull life",. When I "forget about my need" and
isolate or sleep to much etc - I
always get worse.
So perhaps - in the long run - CFS can make sense.


At 3:15 pm, Blogger Anna Brandt said...

Have to ask you a question.
Do you know (i mean personal) anyone that has recovered with
the help of RT?


At 9:41 pm, Blogger Little Miss Bristol said...

Hi Anna

Thanks for your comment. Have you had a look at the Reverse Therapy forum that Icey Lime has set up? It's fab! Loads of people just like you and me, helping each other with the RT process. It's really useful. The web address is on my home page but I'll put it in here too:

I don't know of anybody who has completely recovered from RT. In fact I'm the first person in my local ME group, for whom it has worked. There are 2 other people who aren't really getting much out of it. I have another friend who is doing it, for whom it is working and another friend who has just started, so we will have to wait and see what happens there. I'm improving dramatically though.

Your english is excellent, so don't worry about that!

Thanks again Anna, maybe see you on cfstoday???

Miss B


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