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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Increased stamina

Last Sunday I went to a gig. Then on Monday I went to college. On Tuesday I went to college aswell and managed to stay for a while after lectures and do some work. On Wednesday I went belly dancing. On Thursday I went for a facial at the college. On Friday I was a bit tired, so had a chilled morning, but then spent the afternoon and evening with my boyfriend. Yesterday, my friend came over from Cardiff for the day and we went to the pub to watch the football, took the dog for a walk, went and got a take away and a DVD and she left at 10pm.

I have been able to do a lot of these things for a while, but not on consecutive days for a string of 7 days in a row, particularly not when there has been physical activity in the mix and particularly not without symptoms. I feel fine today. My stamina is really improving.

If I can sort out the 10-14 days of the month where my stamina dips, I think I will be starting to consider getting a job. If this was consistent I would already be doing that. I just need my energy and stamina to be a bit more stable and then i'll be onto the next stage.

In June of this year, I would not have expected to be where I am now, but I know I'm in the good part of the month at the moment and this may well change in a couple of weeks.


At 4:11 pm, Blogger Icey said...

Really glad to hear that Miss B :)

At 7:39 pm, Blogger Little Miss Bristol said...

Cheers Icey


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