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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Before I started RT, I read somewhere in one of the M/RT books that it would be helpful if you could come off any medication before starting the therapy. This is to allow you to feel your sympoms (messages from bodymind) fully, so that you can then have a good idea about what bodymind wants you to do.

I decided that I would like to do that and come off my daily 30mg of Amitriptyline, as I feel that the time is right anyway. I've been on Amitriptyline for 3 years. I succesfully reduced to 20mg in about May, but then I caught a cold, which meant my symptoms flared up, so I went back up to 30mg. A month or so later, I succesfully reduced to 20mg again, but whenever I pushed my limits a bit, my symptoms flared up and I had to go back up to 30mg as my sleep went haywire. I tried one more time prior to RT, but once on 20mg, symptoms meant I had to return to 30mg again because of sleep problems.

Since starting RT, I have had flare ups in symptoms, although they feel different now. I succesfully reduced my medication to 20mg in August and despite the flare ups, my sleep has been unaffected, meaning that I didn't need to increase again at those testing times. I stayed at 20mg for about 3 weeks and then reduced to 10mg at the end of August. So I've been on 10mg for about 6 weeks and have had no difficulty in maintaining this amount despite my symptoms.

I'm coming up for my difficult patch, so don't want to rock the boat, but once I'm on the other side, I'm going to stop taking my meds all together. I'm not going to give up the prescription yet, as it could all go Pete Tong, but I'm confident. For me, it's another step in the right direction.


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