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Thursday, October 27, 2005


I wrote in a previous post about the symptoms that I get around my period and about a theory that I had that connected my initial trigger with these symptoms. For the last 5 or 6 months I have had a flare up at the same time as my period and have felt very insecure about my relationship at the same time.

I don't want to explain the whole theory thing again as it's in another post, so I'm just going to explain what has happened.

Earlier in the month I talked to my bf about my insecurity and asked him for reassurance when I need it. He agreed to do that. This month before my period I had 2 days of fatigue that I'm not entirely sure were connected with it as it wasn't in the usual pattern. Anyway, even if I include those 2 days, this month has been a massive improvement.

My BF has been great and has been a bit more attentive (which he is anyway). I haven't felt the need to ask for reassurance as I haven't felt insecure. I got a new message to go with these symptoms, but haven't had to use it. I thought that the 'action' I needed to take would be something like asking my bf for reassurance when I got the symptoms, but it appears that the action was just talking it through with him.

I had ONE day of feeling rubbish because of my period, but even on that day, I did not feel fatigued. I have not had PMS this month. I have not had an emotional wobble this month and I have not crashed down.

Last night I went belly dancing and today I've been to a photographic exhibition in Hereford for the day.

I used to think that I would feel emotional and insecure BECAUSE of my period and PMS, but I now reckon it's the other way around. I know it sounds bonkers, but I've just regained an extra week of the month by following and trusting that RT would work on it.

I'll know for sure if I have resolved the e-motions that cause the flare ups next month, as it's alternate months that are the worst. Last month my flare up lasted 10 days, this month I haven't even had a flare up. How good is that!


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