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Thursday, October 20, 2005

bit confused again

Was tired on Monday, so didn't got to college. Tuesday felt ok, but a bit knackered as I got up at 7.30 for college....urgh! Had a bit of fatigue and a buzzy brain Tuesday night and took ages to get to sleep. Yesterday I felt fatigued. I had the puffy eyes, tight head, tense neck and shoulders, a bit of a headache and general feeling of not being at my best.

Not really sure why I had fatigue yesterday. In pacing terms, it could have been an accumulation of what I had done over the last few days, but when I tell you what I did last night, that doesn't make sense. In RT terms, I obviously haven't been listening to bodymind messages.

Anyway, pre RT if I had fatigue like I had yesterday, I would not have gone to belly dancing or done anything physical, because it would have guaranteed me feeling even worse the next day. But in RT you follow your body, so I decided to go and see how my body responded to dancing. I was a bit concerned, but after 10 minutes I felt better than I had all day. After the class I felt amazing and completely free from the fatigue. It returned after about 30 minutes and I did have a bit of trouble getting to sleep.

Today I feel much better than yesterday, with only very slight fatigue. Still not sure why I have got the fatigue, but I'm going for a massage in an hour, so maybe that will help.

The other thing that it may be... I have been 'expecting' PMS as I'm due on, so maybe I have been focusing on it too much and worrying and almost causing symptoms myself. Anyway, I'm a bit confused, but trying to stick with my bodymind rather than my headmind.

I've gone 19 days with only the odd pop-up symptom that has gone away again after doing RT on it. 19 days fatigue free, that's not bad!


At 2:50 pm, Blogger Icey said...

Yip - that is really good going. Focus on the positive, .. you're doing really well :)


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