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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Out of Balance

ooh it's been an interesting couple of weeks... not been doing so well in terms of symptoms.

I've had college work to do and I've been doing it. This means that I've been spending lots of time concentrating on things and lots of time sat in front of a computer. This isn't good for me at the moment because I'm finding the mental stuff quite difficult. I've also been a bit rubbish at doing RT in response to symptoms that I get from these activities.

From the outside it probably looks like I'm doing really well. I've spent about 12 hours a week at college and doing college work for the last 2 weeks. I've also been busy socially and organising a very small exhibition of my photography in a local cafe. The pay off has been an increase in symptoms.

There's something that I need to explain at this point. In RT, you don't really over do it, but you can do too much of one thing. My therapist told me to remember these 3 words: Balance-Variety-Enjoyment. When I had an increase in symptoms, I did some body focusing and realised that I had been doing far too much mental activity and not enough physical. I had let my swimming slip and replaced it with college work. This doesn't work for me. I allowed myself to get really out of balance and I'm getting symptoms because of that.

I've made a concerted effort to redress this and so had a massage yesterday and I've been out for a walk today. I'm keeping my computer usage down and I'm having a break from my college work. I think I'll need to work on this for a while to get things back on track.

It is going to be a real challenge keeping in balance when I eventually rejoin the world of work. Hmmm...think I need to take a step back.


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