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Friday, September 23, 2005

Mental fatigue

I've been waiting to see if I had a backlash from going swimming last friday. I was a bit tired on Saturday, emotional on Sunday and tired and emotional on Monday but that's linked to my new found PMS and getting up early.

I've been waiting for the crash and I don't think it's going to come now. Don't get me wrong, I've had some ME symptoms over the last 6 days, but it seems to have been mostly mental fatigue and the things that go with that such as tension in my neck, headaches and tired, puffy eyes. I have still been able to be active and have done quite a lot, I just haven't had the mental stamina to enable me to keep going. This is a new thing for me. Physical activity and mental activity used to trigger flare ups and bad days, but it seems to have switched since doing RT to mostly mental activity.

I have been driving a fair bit and using the computer a lot too and these are the things that I've been having trouble with whilst I've had my period.

I was talking to my boyfriend last night and he said that he didn't think I'd had a good month and had been tired quite a lot. I have been tired quite a lot and I have been fatigued too. From the outside I don't think there appears to be much difference between seeming tired and seeming fatigued, but to me, its a major difference. I don't mind feeling tired, its' quite nice and I just feel relaxed and sleepy. Being physically and mentally fatigued is a tense state, it interferes with my sleep, stops me from doing things and is not pleasant. I'm obviously going to feel tired as I increase my activity because my stamina and tolerance need to be built up.

Even though it hasn't been the best month so far, I have still increased my activity on last month. I'm hoping this next month will prove to be a bit easier.


At 1:19 pm, Blogger Icey said...

Yes ... normal tiredness is bliss, being relaxed and sleepy. It is just the worst being fatigued and not able to sleep.

Some of my friends just think ME is being tired all the time.


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