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Monday, September 19, 2005

jobsworth rant!

This is just a rant, not particularly relevant to RT, but I'm pissed off and want other people to understand how difficult having this illness is, even when you are getting well.

After my tutorial today, I realised that if I went and rested somewhere quiet for half an hour, I might be able to manage the workshop in the afternoon for an hour. I went to the library and found the 'quiet' area, tucked away in a corner where hardly anybody could see me and sat at a table with my head on my arms for a rest.

About 10 to 15 minutes later, a librarian came round and told me in a very abrupt manner, 'You can't sleep there! You'll have to go somewhere else'. I said, ' well can you find out from disability where I can rest, because I am disabled and I need to rest inbetween lectures'. She said, 'I'll get someone down to see you'. She went to get someone down and then came back and told me that the rules apply to all students and that if I was disabled I should go to disabilty and tell them what I need.

I just get so frustrated sometimes. I didn't plan this. I didn't even realise until 12 that I had enough energy to stay. I didn't know that I wasn't allowed to rest my head on my arms in the library and if I had known that it would cause such a stink, I would have gone straight to disability support anyway.

So someone came down and it was the lovely Beks who always looks after me. She took me up in the lift to a quiet room and on the way I just got really upset about the whole thing, which ended up using up more energy.

I was just trying to meet my immediate needs but because you don't fit the norm, you face barriers all the way. I know it's not a major injustice, but sometimes you don't have the energy to challenge and having a rather abrupt jobsworth being quite unsympathetic just makes it harder. If she had spoken to me as if I mattered it may have made all the difference.

Anyway, I blame the headache on her!


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