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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Feedback from my therapist

I contacted my therapist last week as I was having a rough ride and needed a bit of clarification. That was before I'd worked out the bug thing. Anyway, my therapist gave me some tips, so this is what she said in relation to my flare up:

*Have you, looked at it more long-term? ie what turn generally has your life taken in the past few days?

*Have you been able to keep balance, variety and enjoyment going, or has there been a shift away?

*Are there concerns, that have been creeping up on you?

*Is there an element of conflict looming in the future, or around now that you have not dealt with?

*Are there any worries (long-term or short-term) that are lurking around?

A general scan around might give you some clues that would indicate a response from you. Does your symptom message seem relevant in these present circumstances?

I did the RT, looking at it using these ideas and came up with some very loose ideas, but I don't think they came from bodymind as I didn't get the physical sensation that I get with strong bodymind communications.

The things I came up with were:

I'm starting back to college next week (possible subconscious anxiety, but I'm not consciously aware of it).
Things have been out of balance because of my symptoms, not the other way round, as they were completely out of the blue.
The little niggle I mentioned in a previous post has been dealt with, so probably not that.
Can't feel any long term worries at the moment.
Not aware of any conflict at the moment.

I did a general scan, by sitting very quietly, focusing on my body and asking it if there was anything that I needed to look at and I didn't get anything.

I have 3 symptom messages and I have found one of them to fit each time I need to use the card, so I think my symptom messages are OK. Actually, whilst I was just writing that, I just got a flicker from bodymind, so maybe I need to look at my symptom messages after all. Strange old business this!

OK, that is useful, I think I need to find a symptom message to fit the hangover/groggy/feeling rough symptoms. The ones that are just there when you wake up.

Detective Miss Bristol, signing off.


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