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Friday, August 19, 2005

hello fatigue my old friend

I'd just been thinking that I'm kind of getting the hang of this RT malarky when I get my old favourite symptom 'fatigue' again. I'm trying not to be down hearted about this, as my symptoms are my friends (cringe!) and I obviously need a nudge to put me back on track. BTW I went 18 days without experiencing fatigue, so not a bad start to RT really. pacing terms I can't think what exactly might have casued it apart from a cumulative effect from all the things I've done over the last few weeks - that happens sometimes. There's nothing big I've done since swimming a week ago.

Now in RT terms, you don't use your heaad to try and work it out, you just get into your body, feel very aware of it and try to feel what bodymind is trying to tell you. I couldn't hear what bodymind was trying to tell me, so I did the body focusing thing that Georgiana did with me about my driving and computer symptoms. It's kind of like your bodymind does a scan to find a lost file and then ping, you get a picture in your head. Anyway, I couldn't find the lost file when I did that. I have, however had something on my mind, not a big thing, just a niggle, but it's been on my mind when I've been falling asleep the last 2 nights. I know from the last time I had a really bad day, I had terrible fatigue, felt awful and it corresponded with me having something big on my mind. So I'm kind of thinking it might be that. I don't know though as I don't get the 'whoomph' feeling in my gut when I do the body focus thing and I think I may have been using my headmind to work that one out. Anyway, its worth expressing these thoughts to the person concerned and seeing what happens.

The niggle isn't something that I would have immediately acted on in the past. To me its just one of those fleeting 'I want' thoughts that you always get from time to time and sometimes turn into big niggles that you might then act on. But then maybe that is why I have got M.E. because these fleeting thoughts need to be listened to and often acted upon.


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