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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Pink Wig

About a month to six weeks ago, I became incredibly frustrated with my M.E. I was fed up of being ill and just wanted to be well again. After having a bad weekend, something inside me (bodymind?) was saying 'just get on with it!' I decided that I needed to 'do' more. I suppose I have kind of got used to having limitations and presume that I still have all the old ones when actually I have improved quite a lot this year.

Anyway, my plan was to go to visit a friend on the Isle of Wight and to go to a music festival (very scary!) I did the Isle of Wight thing a few weeks back and managed it fine.

This weekend just gone I went to the music festival. Now something very interesting happened whilst I was there. Well actually nothing happened in M.E. terms. I walked quite a lot, sat around listening to music, hung out with people I know really well and some that I didn't know at all (has exhausted me in the past). I even danced a little bit! I had bad sleep on the first 2 nights because the music didn't end until 2am, but I didn't get any M.E. symptoms. I was knackered, but it was a normal tired, not an M.E. tired and my legs really ached, but again it wasn't an M.E. ache it was a normal healthy used-my-legs ache By the third day I was able to sleep and my energy increased. It increased on the fourth day too.

From Thursday to Monday I only had to use my message card once. When that happened I got up and left the people that I was sitting with and went for a wander around the stalls. I went in the bubble shop, some clothes stalls and a fairy stall where I tried on lots of wigs and settled on a very over the top long, bright pink wig. I went back to my friends, put my wig on and didn't have any more symptoms until Tuesday after I had returned home and had done some driving and going on the computer.

What I have deduced from all this....

I'm going to change my attitude about my M.E. from 'oh I'll have to be careful about that' to 'I can do that' if I get symptoms, that is good as it is just nudging me back on track if I drift off it,

I love and need to spend lots more time outside (I do spend time outside, but I think I need to do more of this),

I need to indulge myself in 'play' and by that I mean anything that feeds my passions and my creativity (which I have been doing anyway, but I think I need a lot more of it)

Less time on computer!


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