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Sunday, May 01, 2005

finding out more about RT

When I heard about Reverse Therapy (RT), I was immediately intigued and curious, so I looked on Google, on some message boards, on the MEA website as well as quizzing people to see if anybody had heard of it.

I found quite a range of attitudes: 'its just CBT, dressed up as something else' and 'its just a con - exploitation of vulnerable people'. I also read some posts by people on the Bristol ME group message board, talking about how their therapy is going - the jury is still out!

I downloaded the Mickle RT book and bought the John Eaton RT book and read both with interest. I understood the main jist of it to be about listening to what your BODY is telling you, rather than your MIND. So with all my doubts and cynicism set aside (mind stuff), I decided to go with my gut feeling (body stuff) and arrange an appointment.

I've gone with the John Eaton company, purely for convenience as they have a therapist in Bristol. I don't think I could have made a decision based on which company was 'best' as they seemed to be saying the same thing.

I have started a symptom journal, which is one of the tools they use. Don't know if it's a good idea to have started this before I begin the therapy, as I might not be doing it right, but I want to hit the ground running (ha!). It has actually made me take notice of things that I would have overlooked before or just ignored, like the twitch in my eye. It has also made me take notice of what action I take when I get the symptom or emotion and also what I am doing at the time it occurs.

At this point it might be a good place to point out that I have already improved this year, beyond my expectations. This may be down to Homeopathy or my mates reckon it's down to having a lovely boyfriend at the moment. Maybe the journal is helping already too. I don't know. My recovery rate has increased anyway, from incredibly, painfully slow, where I could only notice slight improvements from month to month, to just slow where I can notice improvements every couple of weeks.

I have my first appointment in the middle of July with a therapist who has been a counsellor for AfME for several years. This gave me a certain confidence as I have received counselling through AfME and thought it was excellent. this space...


At 7:45 pm, Blogger lila said...

hi there i have just heard about reverse therepy and mickel therepy and am a little worried. i cant get the money as im on benefits but am trying to (asking family) what do you think is it worth it?? lila xx


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